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Michigan winter … UGGH!! I’ve been on a mission to find a cure for the cold, dreary weather. My “besties” and I set out to find a magical potion before making an emotional decision to relocate to Hawaii. The Gemini in me searches for variety and fun times; I found the perfect place that accomplishes both. Tavern and Tap, anyone? Formerly known as Tavern on the Square, this lively new location on the corner of Washington Square and Michigan Avenue proved to be the medicine I needed (When I say medicine, I actually visited Tavern three times in one month). The rustic masculine décor: hardwood, dim lighting and flat screen TV is a great atmosphere to sit back, relax and people watch. I observed the women smiling and chatting as if they felt welcomed and the men relaxed and comfortable like they were right at home in their “man” cave. My friends and I agree that one of the most wonderful things about a restaurant is its service. The great staff at Tavern made us feel welcome and taken care of. Our needs were anticipated before we had to voice them, proving that listening goes a long way. I know what question is on your mind, “The experience sounds great but why should I battle through the bitter cold and snow for a visit to Tavern.” Answer, “the food is FABULOUS and reasonably priced!! “When all of the pieces fall together, it’s a memorable experience. I don’t know about you but that’s the beginning, middle and end of the story when it comes to my taste. Oh wait, I lied, there’s more. Weekend brunch is no longer just for Sundays? One great way to spend your weekend is to invite a loved one for a fabulous brunch. Come Sunday morning trying to rally the oversleeping, hung-over or indisposed group of friends can be a complicated exercise. How excited I was to learn that Tavern also serves brunch on Saturdayユs, allowing people to join that otherwise were excluded from the brunch experience. In the spirit of tradition, I actually landed one of my less distracted friends to meet me at Tavern on a Sunday. Walking in, the holiday d残or and view of the capital city put a smile on our faces. What a perfect way to sit and chat while weユre planning for the smorgasbord of goodies to order. The selections include a wide range of menu options such as french toast, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, lobster frittata and to my surprise chicken and waffles. While I was thinking about exercises I could do to justify ordering multiple meals, it dawned on me to make sure the main purpose of brunch was a selection on their menu. MIMOSAS!!!! Yes, for $2! Trust, no mimosas would have meant a change in venue for this girl. Thank goodness Tavern understands the secret to a great brunch. Must-Order: Brunch – Chicken and waffles or the french toast Appetizer – Made fresh in-house guacamole Tapas – Chicken lettuce wrap Drinks – Champagne cocktail or mimosa

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