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Okay dads. Actually, I call attention to pretty much any male specimen in the Capital area. This month our goal was to find the manliest dining experience possible. I am not sure what that means exactly – were we looking for a place with mirrors where you could flex and admire your biceps while you ate? Were there supposed to be power tools laying around like crayons at Denny’s? I do not know, but what we found was a no frills throw down centered completely around meat. How does that sound? The Best Steak House in Lansing is our manly offering. Located off 127 on Kalamazoo Street, this is as about stripped down as a steak place gets. Men, don’t go thinking your lady is going to demand your pressed slacks for this one. I think you are golden in your sweats and your favorite cap. When you walk in there are rows of tables and a counter. The day I arrived, these tables were filled with a motley crew of construction workers, executives, ballers, professors, students, etc. It was packed! That is a GOOD sign. So, what you do is saunter up to the counter, grab your tray and peruse the selections. There are steaks, chops, chicken, fish, sandwiches and more. Editor Emily and I decided to keep it real and order the Sirloin Steak and their top selling item, the Steakhouse Philly. We took our steak with a salad, baked potato and Texas Toast. With the Philly, we went with the fresh-grated hash browns. I was in a rebellious mood so I went nuts and ordered a beer at lunch. (For the record, Emily did not). Let’s start with the steak. Meat, good. Potato, good. Toast, good. The salad was about as un-frilly as they come. Good. All in all it was an offering that did not offer many adjectives but satisfied nonetheless. The same could not be said about the Steak House Philly. Ummm … can we say scrumptious? No, that is too girly a word. How about delicious? How about bomb-diggety? I had no idea when I entered The Best Steak House I was going to find The Best Philly. There it was, seasoned and shaved sirloin piled on top of a buttered and broiled bun dripping cheese, caramelized onions and mayonnaise. It was a party in my mouth and my taste buds were invited, washed down with an ice cold beer! Add the fresh pile of ketchup saturated hash browns and it was a little slice of heaven. Emily and I always share, but this day I pretty much threatened her life if she so much as attempted to encroach on my half. We should have ordered another. Of course we had to round out the meal with an order of the rice pudding. Simplicity reigns here as well. The pudding was silky with the exception of the plump and soft rice. What makes it though was the cinnamon. The Best Steak House was not afraid to pile it on. It did wonders for the sweet, satiny treat. All in all, The Best Steak House is a great place for all men (and women and children). You need teeth and an appetite, but no skills or eye for décor or fashion. Bring all your friends and relax, laugh, get bawdy and have a good time. Just keep one hand firmly on your Philly. The Best Steak House is at 3020 E. Kalamazoo St., Lansing. For more info call (517) 337-2210.

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