The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies picks up where the last film left off, Smaug, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, had left the lonely mountain to destroy Laketown. This conflict is resolved in the first quarter of the film by Bard, played by Luke Evans, killing the dragon with a special black arrow. Laketown is then destroyed and the people are forced to move. They choose to stop at Erebor, the dwarf kingdom, now free of Smaug and ruled by Thorin Oakenshield, played by Richard Armitage. While this is happening, Thorin begins madly searching for the Archenstone, the heart of the mountain, but is slowly being consumed by the madness and greed of dragon sickness. This is the same madness that befell his grandfather and he begins to suspect his fellow dwarves of keeping the stone from him. Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, must decide whether to give Thorin the stone, or keep it from him, in hopes that the madness will not get any worse. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is a satisfying ending to this trilogy. It gave more depth to a lot of the characters and had some interesting scenes. But it also felt like this film was a little “tacked on”, like they couldn’t end it with the death of Smaug and the retaking of the lonely mountain, but didn’t have enough for another film. As for the performances of the actors, everyone did well, but I thought that the subtlety in Richard Armitage’s performance as Thorin slowly descending into the dragon sickness caused me to be conflicted. I wasn’t as sure about where the story was going to take the character in the end. Martin Freeman played a fine Bilbo Baggins and Orlando Bloom is still great as the elf, Legolas. All together, the Hobbit trilogy was well done and it rivals the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Many people thought that it was weird that Peter Jackson split the short book of the Hobbit into three films but he has added enough love and detail into the trilogy that I can’t wait to marathon through all three. I say that The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is a good end to the trilogy and a great film to go out and see this weekend.

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