The Lansing Town Hall Series Welcomes the Lennon Sisters to Lansing


The Lansing symphony orchestra has been a vital part of the greater Lansing area since it was established in 1929. In order to keep the longstanding orchestra properly moving, a great deal of support from the community is necessary. The Lansing town hall series, Inc. Is a nonprofit organization that has been raising funds for the Lansing symphony orchestra for the past 62 years. The organization brings in four lectures a year, two in the fall and two in spring, which is followed by an optional luncheon and a question and answer session with the guest speaker. 

The town hall series started back in 1953 at the hands of Dorothea Burrell. Burrell was the president of the Lansing symphony orchestra association board and decided to call in a group of local Lansing women to get together that spring to find a way to benefit the symphony. To gain awareness of the lso and to keep up funds for the program, Burrell came up with the idea of creating a series of informative lectures that would increase Lansing’s cultural tone while bringing in money for the Lansing symphony orchestra. Thus, the town series was born.

After more than 60 years of fundraising for the Lansing symphony orchestra, over $500,000 in donations has been collected and has exclusively supported the orchestra. Without these events and the donations that are brought in, it is uncertain how long the orchestra would have lasted.

“these are people from the general public who support the symphony and want to do something to help support it. This is all completely done by volunteers and it has been since it started,” said town hall member Marsha Stockmeyer. “there are no paid personnel. Everyone is doing this because they really want to support the symphony.”

On April 18, musical act and American legends, the Lennon sisters, will be making their appearance at town hall for the third installment of the series this year. The glamorous but down-to-earth sister-act has been in the business for over 55 years. During their start on the Lawrence Welk television show, the Lennon sisters captured the hearts of the nation so much so that they were named “America’s sweethearts of song,” and are still adored by fans today.

The last lecture of the 2015-2016 season will take place on may 9 and will feature Gary Walters, former white house chief usher. Past guest speakers of this season included CBS news legal analyst jack ford and author, columnist, and speaker, Rochelle Pennington.

Lectures and luncheons are held at the causeway bay hotel located at 6820 s. Cedar St. In Lansing, Mich. Individual lecture tickets begin at $40, and individual luncheon tickets are $20. For more information, visit and click on the Lansing town hall link.

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