The Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems

The Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP) educates Michigan citizens about the consequences of the abuse of alcohol beverages and other impairing drugs and promotes public policies that eliminate or mitigate those consequences. “MICAP’s mission is to bring help to children, youths and adults, especially those who may be or have been harmed by alcohol or other impairing drugs,” says Linda Keefe-Lewis, president of MICAP. According to MICAP, the cost of alcohol-related problems in American society can reach almost $150 billion per year. Michigan’s expense alone is nearly $5.5 billion, which means that every man, woman and child in Michigan pays over $600 per person. MICAP sees a positive trend in attitudes toward alcohol and drug-related social issues through their efforts in education, awareness, lobbying pressure and prevention. Even before other drugs were discovered by people for recreational use, alcohol was America’s most popular drug. At that point, it wasn’t even considered a drug, and there were no programs focused on prevention. It was organizations like the Michigan Temperance Foundation that provided what little information was available about alcohol and its negative impact on the individual and society. That organization evolved in 1956 to form the Michigan Alcohol Education Foundation. As other drugs became more prevalent in American society, the name was changed again to the Michigan Alcohol and Drug Education Foundation, this added to its steadily growing focus on education and information. During the 1980s, that organization’s name was changed, this time to the American Alcohol and Drug Information Foundation, or AADIF to accurately reflect the scope and influence of the organization. In 1993, AADIF became the publisher of the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, a world-renowned, peer-reviewed professional journal that can be found in colleges, universities and libraries across America and 32 foreign nations. Today, the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems is a subsidiary of the American Alcohol and Drug Information Foundation, and is headquartered in Lansing, Mich. MICAP is also a member organization of the Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking. To find out more information about the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems and the American Alcohol and Drug Information Foundation, go to

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