The Vow


What is the perfect recipe for a great romantic movie? Does it need to be sappy and predictable? How about its ability to make us weepy? Do we want over-the-top gestures of love that make us sigh to the depths of our soul? I don’t know. I usually like them all, which doesn’t make me much of a critic. At this point, when it comes to Nicholas Sparks’s movies, I feel like I should just have a punch card. I know I am not going to be disappointed. Will there be a solid story line? Check. Will there be a handsome leading man? Check. Great kiss in the rain? Check. In his latest installment, The Vow, Sparks spins the romantic tale of Paige and Leo. They meet, have great chemistry, fall in love, get married and then BAM …. massive, mind-erasing head injury. Paige, a sweet and vulnerable Rachel McAdams, wakes up and does not remember the past five years of her life. Her loving husband at the foot of her bed, an earnest Channing Tatum, is a stranger. The life she does remember, however, does not reconcile with what Leo (said husband) tries to remind her of. To Leo, Paige is a free-spirited artist who came to the big city to live her own life. Paige believes herself to be a law student engaged to a successful yuppie in the suburbs. With devoted intensity, Leo tries to help Paige reconnect with what they had. Paige tries to understand anything that seems real to her. She does not know her husband or what choices she made to get to where she is presently in life. It all ends up being too hurtful and confusing to both our star-crossed lovers. Believe it or not, they end up divorced. But fear not! This is a romance. How could we go home on that note? The most romantic aspect of this movie is that it is based on a true story. Wouldn’t it be great if our love affairs were up there on the big screen? How interesting would they be? The Vow has a great premise, but ultimately it is a very familiar product of Nicholas Sparks. The good news is that you will be entertained. It is well worth a date night. Just don’t expect your soul to shift. Maybe go home and write your own recipe for a good love story. Although, be warned that Channing Tatum may sneak his way into that version.

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