The Wedding Ringer

Doug Harris (Josh Gad), is two weeks away from marrying the girl of his dreams, Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). Their wedding plans are in full swing and everything seems to be on schedule, with one small exception; Gretchen has seven bridesmaids, but Doug has no one to be his groomsmen. With time running out, Doug is introduced to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner of Best Man, Inc., a company that provides best man services to desperate grooms. Doug pays Jimmy to be his best man and help him find six other groomsmen. However, the six men that he finds aren’t exactly picture perfect. With some convincing, elaborate planning and a lot of ‘acting’, Jimmy and the guys are now officially a part of the wedding party. As the movie progresses, Jimmy and Doug are constantly put to the test to prove to everyone that they are, in fact, best friends. With a serious dance-off, a highly competitive football game and ultimately, a crazy and slightly terrifying bachelor party, Doug and the guys take you on a wild ride you won’t soon forget. The wedding day arrives and more shenanigans ensue, leaving you to wonder how Doug and the guys could possibly pull off this ridiculous stunt. In my opinion, the movie was entertaining and fun. It had a few moments of shock comedy I really enjoyed. With that said, I did feel as though it mirrors the traditional comedy plotline, they just added a comedian into a “kooky” story. I felt as though the characters could have been better developed throughout to help tie up loose ends as the movie progressed. You can always count on Kevin Hart to be fun and Josh Gad played a believable “clumsy-but-lovable” groom-to-be and the other characters that rounded out the ensemble definitely worked, but could have brought more to the story in the long run. In general the movie carries the crazy story all the way through the wedding. If youユre looking for a light-hearted movie to see in theaters after dinner on Valentineユs Day, I think all audiences would get a few good laughs, out of the feel-good movie, The Wedding Ringer.

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Kyle Dowling

Kyle Dowling is an employee of M3 Group and is pursuing a writing degree at LCC. He enjoys fiction writing, video games and movies.

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