Trainwreck“Monogamy is not realistic.”

These four words set the tone for Amy Schumer’s hilarious new movie, “Trainwreck.” When the movie opens, we meet Amy (Amy Schumer), a woman living in New York City who works for a men’s magazine and enjoys an uninhibited life of drinking and dating with no romantic commitment.

Amy’s views on relationships stem from her father’s somewhat misguided advice about the pitfalls of monogamy. Throughout her entire adult life, Amy has never taken dating seriously, and is happy to be single. She spends her nights partying in the city and picking up guys.

When the magazine she works for sends Amy on an assignment to interview successful sports doctor, Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), she finds that she has a strong connection with him, which causes her to reevaluate her views on relationships, and ultimately what she wants in life.

As their relationship progresses, Amy soon realizes that she has to make a choice; she can break things off with Aaron and continue to live life the way she always has, or she can stay with him and delve into a potentially great future and the possibility of a family.

Amy Schumer does a great job as both the lead actor and the writer for this film. The script is well written, and all of the characters are developed well. The film allows viewers to see all the different sides of Schumer; She’s a comedian with a more vulnerable side that fans don’t see often.

This movie features a number of big name celebrities, from Lebron James and John Cena to Daniel Radcliffe. The movie becomes a game of ‘spot the other stars.’ I thought that Lebron James did a great job, especially since his role wasn’t just a quick cameo, but an actual part in the film.

The strength of the film is Schumer’s deadpan humor and her ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. Her writing and acting style prove that she’s not afraid of what other people think; in fact, telling people off is practically second nature to her.

With it’s laugh-out-loud humor and storyline that anyone falling in love for the first time can relate to, “Trainwreck” is a perfect ‘girls night out’ movie!

If you like the comedies, “Knocked Up” or “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” then you’ll definitely enjoy “Trainwreck!” Make sure to grab your girlfriends and go see this hilarious movie, you’ll be laughing about it for weeks to come.


Kyle Dowling

Kyle Dowling is an employee of M3 Group and is pursuing a writing degree at LCC. He enjoys fiction writing, video games and movies.

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