Ward off Winter Weight Worries with State of Fitness


Justin Grinnell, co-owner of State of Fitness/ Photo by Thomas Shaver

Feeling harried about the upcoming hectic holidays? Worried about putting on unwanted weight this winter? East Lansing’s State of Fitness might just be the answer to help ease your state of mind. A membership can help you jump-start your New Year’s resolution. Unlike most resolves you make, the owners and personal trainers have a plan to help you meet and keep your fitness goals. The key is to focus on the individual. Co-owners Rebecca Klinger and Justin Grinnell started the club a couple of years ago with this unique perspective. Whether the member is an athlete or beginner, a teenager or a senior, the six personal trainers are trained to connect with whoever walks through their front door. “Joining State of Fitness is more than just joining a gym. We want everyone to feel like they belong to a community,” said Klinger. She and Grinnell worked together as senior trainers at the MAC, for a little more than five years. When they decided to open their own fitness center. Justin’s wife Katie Grinnell joined them as the Operations Director. Although they made some cosmetic changes, the space was equipped with locker rooms and an open floor layout, which made move-in easier. State of Fitness offers different training options at various levels and costs. A member can join group training classes, or take part in semi-private or private sessions. Members at all levels have full access to the facility.

The State of Fitness team/ Photo by Thomas Shaver

The trainers are results based. “Everyone that walks in the door — from beginner to professional athlete — reaches their goal no matter how large or small,” Katie said. “We don’t let anyone get lost in the shuffle. We accompany them on their ongoing journey.” And they stay focused on the individual. Each new member has an initial 30-minute one-on-one consultation that assesses their current condition and helps them develop a plan. And they continue to meet with their trainer each month to measure their results. “Each individual journey is different,” Katie said. “Because everyone’s need is different, the trainer’s advice is customized to that person.” In addition to reviewing fitness goals, the personal trainers offer nutritional counseling and discuss the member’s overall lifestyle challenges, such as stress levels, sleep and hydration habits. “We want to teach people to lead healthy lifestyles,” Klinger said, “even if it’s making one change at a time.” If clients follow this advice, they can reach their goal. “They may progress gradually, but we’ll get them there,” Klinger said. The holiday season doesn’t need to be a challenge either. Klinger recommends that people eat mindfully. “Plan what you eat and eat what you plan,” she said. “Write down ahead of time what you’re going to eat and stick to it.” Katie added, “it’s important to stay consistent with exercise and fitness training, too.” So far many members of the greater Lansing community have heeded their advice. People keep coming back because “we empower them,” Katie said. “People feel happy when they accomplish a goal. They’re proud when they can say ‘I never thought I’d be able to do that!’” Klinger said. They encourage others to give them a try because they really are different. With the promise of meeting your fitness goals in a welcoming atmosphere, a membership to State of Fitness might just be the best gift you give and/or get this year. To better serve their clients, State of Fitness recently made the following improvements: NEW CARDIO EQUIPMENT including new Concept 2 Rowers, Schwinn AirDyne bikes, spinning bikes, step mills and treadmills. The best around to burn body fat and increase cardiovascular conditioning. INCREASED TRAINING SPACE by more than 2,000 square feet by adding top-of-the-line field turf. This surface allows them to efficiently train their larger conditioning classes and Sports Performance Academy sessions in the most effective manner.

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