Flower garland wall hanging


Need a little bohemian flair for a mundane space in your home? This adorable flower hanging could be the perfect addition.


Moving into a new house or apartment usually precedes the Pinterest obsession. My boards are filled with DIY furniture, décor and endless creative pieces that rarely come to fruition. Pinterest crafts appear to be so simple, but in my experience, DIY projects usually end up in the garbage. This is where my crafty roommate comes in hand – we spend our weekends at garage sales where cheap craft materials are plentiful, and now we have a shared space in our house with a bohemian vibe. I was determined to have this flower hanging added to our cozy living space. With a few simple materials and my roommate’s patience, we accomplished the goal. This project avoided the garbage and is a lovely conversation starter in our “garage-sale-chic” living room.

What you need:
• Stick (2-3 feet long)
• Artificial flowers
• Twine
• Scissors

Step 1

Find flowers that match your style. Artificial flowers can get pricey at craft stores, so be a bargain shopper and take a peek at yard sales and dollar stores. We acquired a small bouquet of white and purple flowers with leaves and berries on the stem. The more leaves the better because it adds density and fullness to the final product.

Step 2

Once you have found the perfect flowers, grab the scissors and start from the bottom of the stem. If the flowers came in a bouquet fashion, cut them out individually, leaving the stem as long as possible. Cut off any excess leaves or flowers to your liking.

Step 3

Take twine and tie it to the end of the stem. Tie the other end of the twine to the stick. The length of the twine is up to you, but we chose to keep it short to fit in the wall space we had designated. Continue this step with the remaining flowers.

Step 4

Wrap twine around one end of the stick to the other end. Keep a lot of slack in the twine. Use this loose piece of twine to hang your project up by one single nail on the wall.

This free flowing beauty will be sure to keep your living space serene and colorful. If you really love this project, you can do what we did and add a mini one to another wall! Take a small stick (6 inches or so) and repeat the steps with fewer flowers. You can get very creative with this second one. Use the same flowers or add something completely different!

Erika Hodges

Erika Hodges

Erika Hodges is a MSU graduate, M3 Group photographer and videographer. She has two furbabies, Kudos the cat and Higgins the dog. She loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.

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