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For Pete's Take: Flowers & Baseball Fields

Finally summer has arrived! Here in Michigan we look forward to summer because for many of us it means one thing: Winter is truly over. (…

Finally summer has arrived! Here in Michigan we look forward to summer because for many of us it means one thing: Winter is truly over. (For the most part anyway, the night before I wrote this column temps went down to freezing).
Around my house, my wife and I have a different definition of summer fun. One definition involves recreation and the other perspiration. You’ve probably guessed whose definitions are whose?
See, my wife loves to garden, and I do mean garden. I don’t really fault her and her green thumb; it’s just her green thumb leads to dirty hands and an aching back for me. It’s more of a challenge this year because we moved into a home whose previous owners didn’t share my wife’s landscaping enthusiasm. So we’re kinda starting from scratch. Translation: I’m ripping out a bunch of scraggly looking bushes with roots that travel down to China.
I think the most exciting part of this for my wife is the, hold on, wait, here it comes, breaking news … shopping! You got it, she loves traveling from store to store to check out their latest stock and compare prices. I swear she’ll be mistaken for a clerk at one of these stores; I’m surprised a store manager hasn’t come up and congratulated her with an employee of the month award.
Knowing that this landscape project was an inevitable part of my future, I decided to be proactive and resourceful. Combine her love of landscaping and my love of recreation, and you have the perfect “couples” weekend. A Detroit Tigers game for me and the Eastern Market for her. The Tigers you probably know about, the Eastern Market, maybe not. Since 1891 the Eastern Market has been operating a few blocks northeast of downtown Detroit. The market consists of six blocks of everything imaginable and probably a few unimaginable, that you would want to plant around your house. The market has acres of flowers, plants and produce, with a Pierogi stall or two thrown in for good measure.
It’s a very popular destination and you usually have to park a few blocks away from the market itself. As we made our way to the market and turned a corner the flowers came into view. I looked over to my wife and I swear I saw of tear of joy coming from the corner of her eye. Kind of like mine when Miggy hit that homer into the right field bleachers.


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