For Pete’s Take: No More Snow

Who’s ready spring? Can I see a show of hands? Coming off one of the coldest and snowiest winters in Michigan’s history, I bet I would see a lot of hands. Ready to trade in your snow shovel for a rake? Your snow blower for the lawn mower? I bet you forgot what your lawn looks like. How about we trade in the Polar Vortex for a Solar Vortex? The first day of spring was a few weeks ago, most of us thought it would never get here. With the arrival of spring, we can turn to warmer thoughts and activities. Earth Day is April 22 and is a time to celebrate and participate in a variety of activities centered on our environment. For us in Michigan, that will mean we will still be cleaning up from the effects of the Christmas-season ice storm. This was the first time I asked Santa for a generator for Christmas. Global warming. Can I see another show of hands who thinks that is wishful thinking? I’d settle for some Lansing warming. So, with a record-setting winter in our rear view mirror, what do we have to look forward to? Here is what the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted: “April and May will be warmer and a bit rainier than normal.” “Summer will be hotter than normal, with rainfall slightly below normal despite a tropical rainstorm threat in mid-July. The hottest periods will be in mid-June, early to mid-July and late August.” I’ll take warmer with a little bit more rain. Actually, I’ll take warmer with a lot more rain. And look at those beautiful words, “hotter than normal.” Sounds like perfect weather for working in the yard and around the house. Or another option of laying on a beach or swimming in a lake. This spring and summer will be all that more special because of the winter we just endured, survived and got over. The sound of birds and the glimpse of the first flower blooms will be that much more special this year. Firing up that lawn mower and not your snow blower will make you smile, and who smiles while mowing their lawn? So, this Earth Day let’s celebrate our environment. Maybe not so much the environment winter brought us, but the environment of spring and summer in Michigan.

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Pete Ruffing

Pete Ruffing is the Sales Director at M3 Group in downtown Lansing. He and his wife of 14 years Brenda live in Okemos.

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