For Pete’s Take: Pete’s Peeves

We all have them, the “peeves” that is. Those little annoyances or irritations that we let get under our skin and bug us. So here’s my first (soon to be annual) summary of things that drive me crazy. See if any of these make your list too?
  • Morning commuters who treat the stretch of 496 from Trowbridge Road to Capitol Avenue like it’s the back stretch of a NASCAR racetrack. Seriously, are you all in that big a hurry to get to work? If you attacked your work like you attack that stretch of highway, bosses all around Lansing would be happy.
  • The really, really old man who is probably 115 years old who, and I don’t know what he’s technically doing but it’s not jogging, by my house. I don’t know whether to clap or get ready to call 911. I know, this activity is probably why he’s “old” but he looks as if he’s in major distress. Please slow down to a walk, you’ll probably not notice any significant drop off on your quality of life and you’ll stop freaking out my neighbors and me.
  • All the people who feel like the 12 item limit express lanes in grocery stores really mean 20 items. You are more than likely the same people who feel that when the traffic lights flip to yellow that means you can accelerate at a high rate of speed so you can try to beat that darn red light. Do us all a favor. Keep it at 12 and just as “no” means “no” yellow means slow.
  • While I’m on my grocery store rant, the only thing worse than exceeding the express lane limit is when the person in front of you, who is in the middle of checking out, suddenly remembers an item not on his or her shopping list and heads back into the store to retrieve it. Come on! When this happened one time to me the clerk was nice enough to start checking me out even though the offending shopper had not returned. As I settled my bill, the person had still not reappeared. It was then I went from being irritated to wondering if something untoward happened to this person in the frozen food section? Maybe he dropped a frozen turkey on his foot and was being attended to? Never the less. Don’t do this.
Okay, I feel better. Thank you for listening, I mean reading. If you have some peeves you want to share, email them to It will make you feel better too!

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Pete Ruffing

Pete Ruffing is the Sales Director at M3 Group in downtown Lansing. He and his wife of 14 years Brenda live in Okemos.

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