Frame Fabulous

There’s been many a yard sale where I’ve stumbled upon a beautiful old frame. Perhaps it’s their sense of seclusion that intrigues me. They sit feeling as though they used to be purposeful and hang proudly on the wall, framing a loved portrait or painting. Yet, here they are, mirror-less, glass-less, broken. Don’t be fooled though; these frames can provide a wonderful foundation for a project that lets you express yourself and your style. Fab Frame One At one time this frame belonged to a dresser and had a mirror in it. The detail and quality is just beautiful. It’s been re-purposed as the centerpiece on my mantle. Hanging other frames, mirrors and pictures inside it gives it an eclectic personality — which suits me. Fab Frame Two Use vintage material or linens as a backdrop for dried flower bouquets, wreaths or herbs. The linen used in this frame is stapled in the top and bottom seam of the backside of the frame. Fab Frame Three Create a jewelry vanity by using a woven material that can be punctured by earrings or hooks. This old, burlap potato sack worked great! Use ribbon or string tied from top to bottom and pulled taut for postcard and picture holders. Fab Frame Four This frame became an accessory display after it was refaced with a high-gloss white spray paint. Hardware cloth* was used to cover the open area of the frame. It was attached to the back using a staple gun. Colorful knobs were mounted to create more spots to hang necklaces, scarves and hats. The hardware cloth creates a great surface for hanging jewelry. Remember, rather than buy new, look around and explore pieces that already exist. It’s very satisfying to breathe new life into old pieces or re-purpose material for another use. There’s a treasure trove of “stuff” out there just waiting to be used. Thank you to guest do-it-yourselfer, Katie Wittenauer, who joined me to create fab frame three that captures her unique sense of style.

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