Understanding the Love Languages


Gary Chapman identified five different ways people express and prefer to receive love, then titled these “The 5 Love Languages” in his best-selling book series. A New York Times best seller, this series spoke to people about their relationships in a way that had not been done before. Taking a common-sense approach, this method can help the reader identify and implement not only their own language of love, but also their partner’s. This has helped to transform relationships simply by easing the expression of love between partners.

It is important to identify and then understand your own love language. Some people will go a lifetime without knowing what truly makes them happy. Understanding what feels good to you is so important, not only for your own self-development but also to benefit your relationship. If you are constantly asking for gifts because that’s what you think you should be doing, you may end up largely unsatisfied if your love language is really about physical touch.

It is equally important to understand your partner’s love language. You will better be able to understand your partner once you know exactly what revs their engine. If all your partner wants is to be taken care of, then acts of service needs to be your focus. Spending time together, or quality time as it is referred to in the text, can be as simple as scheduling a regular date night. Perhaps your partner just wants to be recognized for all they do and have accomplished. In that case, words of affirmation will be just the area you want to start researching.

Keep with Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine during 2019 to learn more about each love language, what they mean and how you can best implement both your partner’s and your own love language. Long-term relationships are not easy to sustain and do require some work to keep all partners happy. Putting in the work to understand your partner each and every day will pay off in the long run. If a conscious effort is made regularly, eventually it will become habit. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage or long-term relationship by putting it under the microscope.

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