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A woman can always change her mind. Even after 20 years. Have you ever completely flipped on an opinion you’ve held for a very long time? Well, recently I was shown the error of my ways, or more importantly, the compromise I could make to have the best of both worlds. I’ve always been adamant that I was not a lake person. My husband grew up going to the cottage every weekend and while he loved it, I felt that it was a bit limiting for us as a family. After all, I love to travel and have a long list of locations I would still like to visit. Although, my husband never made a big deal out of his love for the lake and really never pushed to own a lake property, I believe he secretly missed the idea of creating memories at the water. In fact, after many visits to a friend’s lovely cottage on a beautifully peaceful lake, I noticed my husband was very happy by the water’s edge. And, because he was happy, it made me warm and fuzzy inside. You would think that would be enough to persuade me to love the lake. And, I would say I was three quarters there, but the quiet moments in the morning on the deck with a hot, steamy cup of coffee really sold me. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so relaxed or serene. And, frankly, like most of us, I can use those moments. The final selling point for me (as if I needed one) was that I had a built-in set of friends at the lake we were starting to call our own. I was now certainly open to an idea, that for so many years, I felt was simply out of the question. Not only was that door shut, but it had been double bolted and piled with large bulky furniture pieces that I never thought would be moved. The final issues in my mind remained: the continued opportunity to travel, meaning we needed to purchase something small that wouldn’t limit that ability, the want to be on the same lake as our friends and the need to find something in a market with not much inventory. No problem, right? The stars did align and we found a small cottage just around the corner from our friends. It was quaint and adorable and with a few tweaks, I have fallen in love with it. We’re now lake people. Who knew? I find myself anxious to get there and as I pull into the property, I totally relax. Geez. That’s nice. And, because it’s small and I don’t feel like I have to be there all the time, I still get to travel. The best of both worlds achieved! In fact, I’m planning an amazing, all-inclusive trip to Mexico from Jan. 25 to 28 and I’m inviting you and all your friends! It’s a girl’s trip with Apple Vacations and Capital Region International Airport. We’re gathering the girls and planning a winter retreat. All the details are on page 33 of this month’s magazine. We’ll have a great time and I hope you’ll join me. I want to take a minute and congratulate all of the individuals inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame. I am thrilled to personally know several of the deserving inductees including our cover girl, Marylou Olivarez Mason. She is a bundle of energy capable of moving mountains. She has vision and is not afraid of blazing a trail in any direction. I’m so proud of her and the many accomplishments she’s had. I believe she is a true inspiration and I hope that you agree. The event to honor all the inductees is on Thursday, Oct. 30 at the Kellogg Center. Thanks so much to all of you who supported the annual Lady Classic Golf Outing last month. It was an amazing day that raised much-needed resources for C.A.R.E., the Capital Area Response Effort, an organization to support women and families in domestic abuse situations. Can’t wait for next year’s event!

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Tiffany Dowling

Tiffany Dowling

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