Making 2018 a Year of Good Health and Happiness


We’ve talked about this before. I struggle a bit keeping a healthy routine, and I know I’m not alone. I rationalize, I complain about my schedule, and I can find any excuse to put the effort off, without a doubt. If I worked as hard at keeping healthy as I do avoiding it — well, I’d be healthier. 

To my credit, I’m always trying new ways to make it happen: fad diets, new classes and protein shakes, galore. You get the idea. For the procrastinator or the busy person in all of us, here are a few tips I’ve learned for getting your health and fitness on track. 

Top five ideas:

  • When I get my groceries home, I immediately wash and cut any fruits and vegetables and store them in easy-to-carry containers.
  • I keep 100-calorie chocolate protein shakes ready for when I need a snack or a meal replacement.
  • I live downtown, so I try to walk to a restaurant or shop as often as I can.
  • When I do muster the energy to work out for 15 minutes, I also reward myself. I like Halo Top ice cream — just a half cup.
  • I also use snack bags for cherry tomatoes, which are good for your heart, blueberries, which are good for your cholesterol and pumpkin seeds, which are good for your memory. Other foods work just as well.
  • The most important recommendation I have for a healthy 2018, however, is to pay attention to your body and get your annual check-up. I researched some startling statistics that should motivate us all.

Health facts: 

  • 36.4 percent of women over the age of 20 are considered obese (Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)).
  • 32.8 percent of women 20 years of age and over have hypertension (CDC).
  • Only 45.2 percent of women meet the 2008 federal guidelines for aerobic activity (CDC).
  • One in three women die of heart disease and stroke (American Heart Association).
  • Twice as many women suffer from depression than men (National Institute of Mental Health).

What I love about health is that you can course correct at any time. You can also start over and over again like I’ve done. As the new year begins, take stock of where you are at in your health journey and make small changes if necessary. It is much harder to be successful when you try to make too many changes at once. 

I hope more than anything that your 2018 is a year full of good health and happiness. 



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