The Gift of Words


It probably doesn’t surprise you that I believe in the power of words. Every day we choose to use our words – spoken or written – to build others up or tear them down. Our society has given everyone permission to say anything that’s on their mind. And sometimes people believe it’s OK to use destructive words through social media anonymity.

Although I would say that there are very few reasons to write or speak negatively to a fellow human being, I will say I value the right to free speech and having and sharing an opinion. The ability to speak up on a topic that you feel strongly about is a gift. We are all entitled to our opinions. Where I believe we sometimes fall short is how we share these opinions.

In this time of resolution-making, I encourage you to take stock of your verbal and written communications. When you’re using your words, how are you measuring the impact? After all, we should do everything set against the values and intentions that make us who we are. If you’re using your words at home, at work, in the community or on social media, have you put your content through the filter?

It isn’t always easy to be nice. Every person has had a moment where a situation has gotten the best of you and words fly like daggers in all directions. I’ve found after these situations that I feel terrible. I don’t like letting my emotions control my words and I don’t believe that most situations are better off with a war of words.

Our cover story, Priscilla Bordayo, is working to help let the power of words heal. It’s using the words of your experience and having others listen, believe and understand that gives those words the ability to heal. I’m proud of her efforts to use her personal experiences as a catalyst to help others. She wants to help build others up from a place where they could use a supportive ear.

As you’re beginning this New Year, encourage your families to take a breath and think about the way they are communicating with the younger generation. We have to stop the tragedy of young people believing and reacting to the negative words they see and hear. Love is contagious. Let your words be filled with love and the world will be a much happier place.


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