The Important Role Active Fathers Play


There’s an interesting time in a mom’s life when your children “become” adults. If you’re like me, as your young person starts illustrating solid decisive behavior and making enough money to pay his or her own bills – you’re kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m the kind of mom that still wants to know where my 27- and 22-year-olds are at all times. Is it weird to want to track their locations still?

It certainly isn’t a specific age that’s an indicator or a time of life that delivers that “adulting” label. It’s as unique and as individual as each of those children. I had two boys. They are good kids – had plenty of ups and downs, but overall are pretty good humans. My opinion is that boys tend to mature later than girls, at least that’s been my experience watching friends and family members.

As we approach this Father’s Day, I’ve been thinking about how well we prepped our boys to be dads. Beyond the fear, concern and worry that they may not be ready, you begin working through the lessons you’ve taught and unconditional love you’ve provided. You hope it’s been enough to give them the skills needed to raise children.

June is a great opportunity to focus on the men in our lives. Father’s Day is an important time to appreciate how important men are for our children. Whether a father and mother live together is less important than a dad who is heavily involved with his children’s lives. According to statistics, these five areas are much better when dad is around:

  1. Increases intellect:
    Active dads tend to help children score higher on verbal and math tests and are less likely to drop
    out of school.

  2. Boosts confidence:
    A dad’s attention helps kids understand they are valued and ultimately boosts their self-esteem.

  3. Better behavior from role modeling:
    When a dad illustrates positive behaviors, the kids have fewer impulse control problems and have a higher level of sociability.

  4. Gives perspective from differing approaches:
    An ability to appreciate perspectives can help young people with problem-solving skills.

  5. Learns how to love:
    When a dad shows how to love, he sets a young person up to show love freely, which helps provide a lifetime of happiness.


Chris Buck, Scott Keith and the many other fathers and family-men we highlighted this month are actively participating as dads. One of the positive attributes of social media is that it creates a window into the lives of the many dads in our community who proudly share their experiences with their kids. Buck’s son and Keith’s daughter are headed off to college, and we were on the journey as they took the college tours, reviewed choices and finally graduated from high school. Congrats to those young people, but mostly we should congratulate those dads (and moms) who helped make it happen.

Happy Father’s Day.

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