You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right…To Party…


If you’re like me, you remember this song from 1986. The Beastie Boys gave my generation an anthem to strive for something good and just. That was when I realized I had a few rights. (Thanks Beastie Boys!) During government class, the review of the Declaration of Independence let me know I could pursue happiness. And, if I needed to, I could fight the system to get it.

I was your typical child of the “excess” generation that focused on music, fun, crazy neon clothes and of course – entertainment. Just like many of my compatriots, I grew up. I put away the scrunchies and banana clips and tamed my hair (as much as I could anyway), and then I began “adulting.”

Although I have worked hard and raised a family, I didn’t ever quite give up my love of the ‘80s. I listen to the music on my iPod, in the car on XM Radio and WFMK, but I also follow the best cover band around – Starfarm. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a groupie, but I do get email and social updates on where they are going to be, and I try to work it out in my calendar. I guess you can decide my level of groupie-ness.

Starfarm is made up of a group of performers who by day work typical jobs and by night entertain the masses throughout the state. (They sound like superheroes, right?) I have to give this group credit. I can’t imagine working full time all week and spending evening weekend nights performing. Sounds exhausting. This month’s cover girl is Starfarm front-person Whitney Spotts. She has an amazing voice and is a voice for the underserved or under-represented masses. Read her story and see for yourself.

For a few years now, I’ve been immersed in the empty-nester phase of my life and moving downtown continues to be an amazing journey. I love the energy of downtown life, but mostly it’s exciting to be close to entertainment on a daily basis. I get to walk across the street to Cooley Law School Stadium for games, music and fun. I walk, run and ride my bike on the River Trail, and I meet people for happy hour, dinner or coffee along Michigan Avenue. My husband and I treat the downtown as our functional backyard.

Whatever type of entertainment you seek, there is something for everyone in our region. I’m particularly excited about the new options that are coming to our area. In Lansing, there is discussion regarding an amphitheater or HUB (Happening Under the Bridge facility) and a new River Trail transformation for people to hang out and enjoy the water asset we have.

I encourage you to take this summer and try something new. Have fun mid-Michigan. Luckily, you don’t have to fight for your right to have a great time.


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