With a Capital EM: Furbaby Fathers are Fathers, too!

Some may think that sleeping on the floor next to your baby to soothe him in his new environment is going a bit far.
My husband Matt is not one of those people.
Perhaps I should clarify the fact that the baby in question is of the furbaby variety — that’s right, our baby boy is a four-month-old, 4-pound Shih Tzu/Maltese puppy named Yeti. When I met Matt one of the things that attracted me to him was his inherent paternal instinct. With both of us being the oldest of four, we each came to the relationship with a pretty good working knowledge of changing diapers and cutting food into bite-sized pieces. After we were married, children seemed like the next natural step. But as it usually does, fate had different plans. Having a baby didn’t come easily to us and before we could get too wrapped up the process, the idea seemed to lose its appeal. Furthering our careers, having the home of our dreams, traveling, spending time with friends and not having to take a toddler to the bathroom during a nice dinner out took precedence. Still, as the years went on, it became clear to both of us we wanted something to love, but something that didn’t come with the worry of a college savings fund — at least not yet. Then in mid-April a story broke of a puppy mill in a nearby county. There were 400 dogs in need of being rescued. It was a sign. Matt and I sent in our application and waited. Finally on Friday, April 13 I received a message that seven puppies were ready to go home from the Capital Area Humane Society. I rushed there to find only two left. I played with both. One was shy and timid and one, despite being malnourished and suffering from a cold, was full of pep. He was our guy. It’s been nearly two months since we brought Yeti home and while there have been challenges, a few accidents and the purchase of a doggie stroller (don’t judge) it’s clear that Yeti was the missing piece of the Emily/Matt puzzle. So, this Father’s Day I will shower Matt with gifts to show him how much I appreciate those paternal instincts … and all of the nights he slept on the floor to keep our baby comforted.

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