With a Capital EM: Holiday Magic in the Form of an Air Hockey Table

I’ve always been a very determined (i.e. obsessive) person. When I want something, I get it. So, I’m sure the year that I asked Santa for an air hockey table, my parents were a bit worried about how Santa would pull that off. I was not. When Christmas morning arrived and I ran out to the living room expecting to see my brand new air hockey table and instead saw nothing of the sort I was shocked. I had been good — heck I’m an over achiever, I had been great. Where was my reward? Where I believed the air hockey table should have been sat two air hockey mallets and a puck. What was this, some sort of sick joke? I have the supplies but no table? I tried to console myself with the mountain of candy I found in my stocking, but I had to admit, I wasn’t quite getting it. Hours later when my parents woke up and hinted that an air hockey table is kind of a large item to fit in a living room, already containing a Christmas tree and presents for four children, and that perhaps Santa assembled the table in a more reasonable location — like, say, the basement —I discovered my present. No more begging for trips to Chuck E. Cheese just so I could play my favorite game. It was mine, all mine, any time I wanted. I will never forget the absolute joy of that Christmas morning. In fact, the joy of the air hockey table has lived on. Every time I go into my parents’ basement I’m tempted to challenge anyone around to a game. And when my parents hinted at giving the table away —to the town dump — I basically had to sign a contract promising them that as soon as we had a house big enough, Matt and I would come and get it out of their way. While I don’t expect an air hockey table this year, I do expect that same sort of magic I felt that day. I expect it, because, although that was probably the biggest Christmas gift I received as a kid, I’ve been lucky enough to get that same feeling year after year on Christmas. I suppose that’s what is meant by holiday magic. This year that magic will come from the fact that for that one day my entire family is together. No one goes to work, no one has friends over. The Smith/Caswell family simply sits in our PJs, drinking mimosas (talk about holiday magic) and we spend time together. We play games we only have time for once a year. We put on fashion shows with the goods we received. We sit back, relax and appreciate our true blessings. Christmas is a magical time for me, because it’s the one day I’m determined to do nothing … well, except play air hockey. Happy Holidays!

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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