How I Want My Kids to Pamper Me this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is on the way. It’s on May 12 as a matter of fact, and it’s astounding to read how much we Americans spend on it. According to, it’s somewhere around $20 billion annually. I don’t know about you, but this year I don’t want my kids spending more than $10 billion on me – each. I’m thinking weekly spa visits for the rest of my life, daily deliveries of Belgian chocolates, red roses, and fruit bouquets, and maybe a trip to Maui with my current crush, Blake Shelton. But they don’t have to buy me any of his CDs since I’m not into country music. I’m just into Blake.

According to a 2018 article at, 86 percent of Americans were planning to celebrate Mother’s Day last year with an average budget of $180. The article didn’t specify whether the spending was all on one mother or divided among several mothers, for example, someone’s wife, mother and grandmother. Either way, it’s not much compared to the $10 billion in gifts I’m expecting from each of my kids.

Last year, the top three choices in terms of money spent on Mother’s Day were jewelry, with 34 percent of Americans anticipated to spend a total of $4.6 billion; dinner or brunch with 55 percent of Americans going this route to the tune of $4.4 billion; and last, flowers, which were the choice for 69 percent of shoppers at a total of $2.6 billion.

Since “experience gifts” such as trips, concerts, and spa days seem to be what roughly 29 percent of
moms prefer, one can only wonder how many of them will get their wishes with so much money historically spent on jewelry and brunch – unless the roughly 45 percent of shoppers spending $2.5 billion on gift cards hand them over to mom to spend on parachuting or a hot air balloon ride. Since I’m afraid of heights, I wouldn’t opt for an experience gift that requires me to deal with anything higher than the third shelf at any upscale shoe store.

I’m going to make this Mother’s Day easier for my kids by telling them they can each just buy me a card – with $10 billion in it.


Teece Aronin

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