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We all know spring takes its time showing up in Michigan — so this month I made heating pads for my friends to keep them warm, while the sun catches up. I love these heating pads because they are extra long to wrap over your shoulders or around your feet to warm up those tootsies. I chose fabrics that my friends would love, and added a little color with fun thread when stitching. Everyone loves giving handmade gifts that are practical, and this project is just that. Roll up it like sushi when your done and tie it with a bow and your ready to go! Keep warm! Supplies
  • Half yard of flannel fabric
  • Thread
  • Needles (or sewing machine, if you have that talent)
  • Rice
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
How-To Step 1 – Measure and cut two 28” x 8” rectangles out of the fabric. Step 2 – The patterned sides of each rectangle should face each other (so you’re looking at the back side of the fabric). Sew a ¼ inch seem on all four sides, leaving a four inch opening on one end to add the rice. Step 3 – Turn the fabric right side out, creating a “tube.” Step 4 – Mark out five, 5 ¼ inch “pockets” (I used a sharpie that coordinated with the fabric, so the marks would blend in. Chalk would work too!) Step 5 – Pour about a cup of rice (give or take, depending on how full you like the pockets) into each pocket. Don’t overfill the pocket, it will make sewing it closed difficult. Step 6 – Stitch each section closed. Step 7 – Once each section is filled and stitched closed, you can close the four inch opening on the end. I chose to use fun color thread that coordinated with my fabric choice to add a pop of color. Step 8 – The measurements will vary but the final heating pad should measure close to 24″ x 6″. Step 9 – The next, and final step is to heat for 2 minutes and enjoy! Note: I made each of the females in my family a heating pad as a gift. To add a little pizzaz, I embroidered each persons initial before sewing all four edges. [nggallery id=308]

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Ami Iceman-Haueter

Ami Iceman-Haueter

Ami Iceman-Hauter is the Brand Manager at M3 Group in downtown Lansing. Iceman is a graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in creative advertising.

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