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Christmas Creep

Christmas Creep is a term used in merchandising to describe when merchants introduce Christmas themes prior to the traditional start date. I bring this topic up because I feel like the holiday season continues to start earlier each year. I shouldn’t be surprised, as the signs continue to surface more and more – retailers send out holiday ads in October, holiday references and ugly sweater pictures are randomly posted by Facebook friends in October and even our baristas are in on the madness. Last month, I listened to a loop of holiday music, scoped out a new Santa mug and ordered a peppermint stick latte, all before I finally put my Halloween costume in storage. 

If you can’t tell by now, I’m the female scrooge. I’m the person that does a major eye roll when family members and friends brag about how great they are because most of their Christmas shopping is done or, even better, when your coworkers announce they are officially done with their shopping and are now focused on stocking stuffers with Secret Santa items. I’m the person that grudgingly wishes that they add, “get a new life,” to the shopping list.

Nevertheless, in this issue of Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine, I will attempt to transform my attitude and join the Christmas Creep band wagon.

I think I love Christmas?

I hate to admit it, but my memories of Christmas are limited. Most people recall family gift exchanges, ugly sweater contests and lighting candles for loved ones that have passed. My mind immediately goes back to a few funny lines from cliché Christmas movies over the past 15 years. Maybe that’s my Christmas Creep inspiration. I can go back over my favorite holiday movie list and brag about my all-time greatest picks. Let’s see how my friends like it when I randomly post my holiday movie memes and quote cryptic movie lines to people that can’t remember the title of the film or the name of the actors. Or, one of my proudest moments is rattling off my top films of all time in mere seconds, while others scramble to come up with a portion of a movie title. It may not be the most profound I-love-Christmas declaration, but I’m doing the best that I can.    

Favorite Movie List

Everyone knows that there are only a few Christmas movies that matter, and the rest deserve to be recognized as classics. I hope my list doesn’t cause you to roll your eyes or secretly think about encouraging me to get a life. I’ll share a version of my best Christmas films now, in hopes of adding some holiday spark into my life.

6) “Scrooged” – Charles Dickens did a great job of challenging our views about how we celebrate Christmas with “A Christmas Carol,” showing us that the only way to celebrate Christmas is when we are at our best. But I must be honest, although he left us with a charming version of hope and selfless actions, Bill Murray does a great job of painting a modern-day picture of familiar challenges. My inspirational movie quote: “Don’t be one of those people who says Christmas is once a year. It can happen every day — you just got to want it.”

Me: This sort of sounds like the Christmas Creep.  

5) “Gremlins” – Gizmo. Need I say more? Go ahead, roll your eyes – I know these monsters were gross and destructive. But only a great mind can turn a creepy animal into a successful conclusion. 

My favorite line from this superstar: “Uh Oh.”  

4) “National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation” – Admit it; everyone can relate to wanting a Clarke 

Griswold-like personality as your dad, husband or brother in-law that has a million Christmas lights on the house, an embarrassing aunt and uncle that needs to turn his hearing aid up higher. Don’t forget about the mooch, Cousin Eddie.

Me: Christmas family time doesn’t get any better than that. Profound words from Cousin Eddie: “Come on Clarke, the night is young – they’re giving away free hot sandwiches at the blood bank.”  

3) “Elf” – Any film that includes Will Ferrell will make it to my favorite list. Will — like myself — has a playful, child-like sense of humor. While I can’t relate to someone that grew up thinking they’re an elf, I love his energy and sweet way of making ridiculous things seem funny. Elf’s version of swearing: “Son of a nutcracker.”  

Me: I use the non-Christmas version.            

2) “A Christmas Story” – All I want for Christmas is my Red Ryder BB riffle. Just consider this story my autobiography, with a few changes 1) I’m a female 2) I don’t stand outside in my pajamas 3) Replace the BB gun with a doll house. Most memorable line: “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  

1) “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – The ultimate downer, my childhood friend, Mr. Charlie Brown. It’s a selfish pick of mine because I fell in love with this crew when I was a little girl. I remember staring at the TV, entertained by the ice-skating scenes and watching the entire peanuts gang try to help Charlie Brown find comfort and discover the true meaning of Christmas. Typical Peanuts line: “Good Grief.” 

Me:  I think that line sums up the true meaning of Christmas the best. Go check it out.   

Be Someone’s Angel

Obviously, I can’t end this article about Christmas without mentioning the world’s number one classic.  Timeless, inspirational and so much more: “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I didn’t add it to my top picks because this movie is in a category all its own. Most people can relate to being overwhelmed by life, so maybe starting Christmas early can help bring more peace and joy to a situation. How different would the world be if we didn’t have the inspirational early starters around us?

Whatever your holiday memories, inspiration or accomplishments are – sharing them with others might be one of the few ways that they’re reminded how wonderful life can be. Best Quote Ever: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”  

Me: I’m grateful for life, health, love and the people wise enough to know that being an inspiration to others can start at any time.

As always, thank you for following my journey.  I hope you enjoyed my early Christmas cheer; I promise I won’t start so late next time. See you next year! 

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