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If you were able to read my article in the February issue of CALWM, you would have seen a list of ten goals that I set for myself to complete this year. These are ten simple, interesting ideas that may challenge me as a person. As an added motivation, I also committed to create a Facebook page solely dedicated to sharing the progress of my list with all of you. I am happy to report, mission accomplished! My page is officially up and running and is titled, “Drop in the Bucket List.”

I have to take a quick moment to laugh about how silly and old fashioned I felt for not having a Facebook account in the first place. I will admit, the site is a source of major entertainment for so many people (sorry kids that your parents hijacked the site from underneath you). However, I cringe at the thought of becoming the person that checks their profile every five minutes, scouts for the latest updates in anticipation of viewing the number of “likes” received for certain posts, or tracks the location of their Facebook friends by stalking their “check in” posts regularly. Hopefully I can learn how to manage my curiosity so that I don’t have to add Facebook to my other list, “Bad habits that I picked up for no good reason.” Seriously, I’m pathetic!

I will say there are some impressive, witty and profound comments being posted every so often. I especially love it when people post a throwback memory. That trip down memory lane always makes me smile. It usually serves as the best “aha” moment, reminding me that life was simpler when I was a younger. Not because of a particular moment, but because I’ve just gained more perspective over time. For example, if I were still in my 20’s, and you were to ask me if I had a great childhood, I would have responded, “No. I had a lot of rough patches.” However, if you were to ask me now in my “not 20’s” (good luck getting me to share my real age), I would tell you that my childhood was a blast!

My throwback moment for this month is the old school version of Facebook – my diary, or rather, my big mouth best friend. One of those sources was always able to expose my stupidity at any given moment. Nonetheless, I’m mildly curious about what I would do if I had the chance to go back to my diary and read through the pages. Knowing me, I would rip paper out until nothing was left except the front cover. When I think about it, that’s how I feel about my experiences from last year.

While I’m pleased when I recall some of the shining highlights of my past, the not so shining ones have turned into eye rolling moments. Sometimes I wish I had the ability to rip some of those pages out and forget them entirely. Instead, I’ll resist and move forward with new comments until the next “aha” moment appears. So that brings us back to my current day Facebook page – my Drop in the Bucket List. Please “like” the page and continue to follow me on my journey to tackle my 2016 goals. Together, we can all attempt to live forward without regret, while looking backward to gain perspective.


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