Achieving Goals


PamPamela Comer
Manager at Yazaki

Not many people discover a direct path to their career, especially not on the first try. Then again, not everyone is as blessed as 37-year-old, Pamela Comer. After graduating from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in logistics and marketing, Comer landed an internship straight out of college that led her right to the position that she holds now. Comer began working as an inventory analyst and was eventually promoted to a supervising position at Comprehensive Logistics. When a branch of Yazaki, an automotive supplier, opened in the area, Comer decided to join them, and now works as the manager of Yazaki’s distribution center. She is the head of a 140,000 square foot warehouse that operates 24 hours a day. She pushes her employees to make sure that they are getting quality material sent out around the clock. When she is not working at Yazaki, her 15-year-old daughter’s schedule becomes her schedule. She takes her back and forth from competitive dance, golf, tennis, and everything in between. Comer keeps her daughter involved. Her family has been a huge support system for her, and they have helped her along the way to achieve the goals she has set for herself thus far. Comer is proud of herself for reaching her educational goals, including receiving her master’s degree. “My motivation is to take care of my daughter and to be a role model for her,” said Comer. After accomplishing many of her personal goals, Comer is getting ready to take on a new set of challenges as she prepares to get married. She looks forward to this next chapter and making memories as a new larger family.


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