Amy McNamara: Small Town, Big Heart


AmyMcNamaraThe decision to move to Grand Ledge was anything but thrilling to city girl Amy McNamara.

After growing up in Dearborn Heights, MI, and being used to the city life, McNamara found it hard to tame herself for a smaller city. Now, McNamara couldn’t be happier with her life, including her residence.

“It is the perfect place to raise a family — there are a lot of rural areas, and you’re close enough to things like the theater and MSU,” said McNamara. “I love that you get to know your neighbors, too, which is something you don’t get in the big cities.”

Her career as the vice president of National City Bank is another place where McNamara found unexpected happiness. Originally McNamara attended classes at the University of Michigan in Dearborn to work toward a degree in early childhood education. After two years, she decided to drastically change her degree program. She graduated from Walsh College in ’98 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and an associate degree in accounting.

“During college, I was working at a local bank and just ended up staying in the banking field,” said McNamara.

In 2000, McNamara left Michigan for Colorado alongside her college sweetheart (and now-husband) Mac. After a couple of years, they returned to Michigan in hopes of starting a family. They resided in Lansing and later moved to Grand Ledge.

“I love it here now — it probably took me until I had children,” said McNamara. “Now, I wouldn’t move.”

In addition to loving her town, she thoroughly enjoys working at National City Bank as vice president, a position she has had for a little over a year.

“Every day is drastically different; I have appointments, put out fires … I have customers with cash flow crunches … I’m mostly assisting with cash flow for small businesses,” said McNamara.

Although McNamara finds herself working as much as she can, she has her hands full at home, too, with three young girls. She refers to her daughters, Lex, Lola and Isabella, as her “three little princesses.”

When she is not working, McNamara likes to spend time outdoors golfing and hiking, among other things. She also enjoys curling up with a good book and has been a committed board member for the Capital Area Humane Society for three years.

“I’m just a working mom of three with a good support system,” said McNamara.

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