Balancing Work and Play

Todd Lake Admissions Advisor at Northwood University Between being a student, a husband and a father, among other things, Todd Lake has a full plate of responsibilities. Being the ultimate modern day man is also what makes him so down to earth, making him the perfect fit for his position as the adult admissions advisor for Northwood University. Lake is all about building relationships and connecting with people. His working hours are never the typical nine to five; he may have to make meetings at 7 a.m. with potential students and stay up all night sending out emails. Lake puts others before himself; it’s all part of his insatiable want to help others. It comes across clearly in his work ethics. Because he works with adult students, he focuses primarily on presenting plans for people who are in the working world. It’s his goal to educate people and keep people in the community to enrich the place we work and live. When Lake finds time away from his job, he is completely engrossed in his family. He loves spending time with his three daughters, watching them grow and doing things that they all love. He has the best of both worlds; his daughters love a good trip to the mall as well as hopping on a boat and going on a fishing trip with their dad. Lake also really loves doing anything outdoors. He is involved in both indoor and outdoor soccer leagues. Somewhere in all of that madness he squeezes in time to plan a date night with his wife. Lake is a family man, a scholar and a businessman. With a high energy level and a heart as big as the great outdoors, he brings joy to everyone that he meets.

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