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Ashlee Willis Owner of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor LLC Mother of two, dedicated scholar, thriving small business owner, Ashlee Willis still dreams of reaching greater heights. Willis, owner of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor LLC is a powerhouse. The stay-at-home mom began her business in 2009 with the idea that she would just be pursuing her longtime love for art. That small idea grew. When she started making floral arrangements, the main way she marketed herself was through social media and word-of-mouth. “People would [have to] meet me in parking lots to pick up their order,” she said. Now she has a website,, where customers can place an order and it can be shipped to their door. Because the business is still on a small scale, Willis is involved in every way. She handles her own marketing, advertising, production, as well as keeping the website running smoothly. Willis got her start by setting up a floral booth at art fairs like the Jazz Festival and soon moved on to the Hatching Business Competition. After being recognized and winning a few awards, her faux flower company came into full bloom. She has a full range of clients having decorated anything from centerpieces for a home to bouquet arrangements for a special wedding day. Willis plans to open up her own store front to display her products and host DIY classes. With the continued support of her husband, family, friends and growing clientele, hopefully this dream will become a reality.

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