Darlene Puja Ageless effort


Ageless Beauty Center isn’t your average beauty center. This family-owned business is the passion project of Darlene Puja. A proud nurse, Puja received her bachelor’s degree in physiology/psychology from Michigan State University. When she developed Type 1 diabetes, Puja made the decision to pursue nursing at Lansing Community College to help avoid health issues.

“See, I was going to go to med school, and then I got really sick and almost died when I developed diabetes, but I just loved what I did. So, I went into nursing because I figured I could still be a nurse,” said Puja. Although being a nurse wasn’t what Puja originally planned on, you can tell it’s her calling.

Puja has been a nurse since 1991, but for 18 years of it, she worked with plastic surgeons and did various work, such as clinical and recovery.

“That’s how I came to be in this field which I love. It’s a different kind of nursing — everyone’s happy, there’s no one dying, they’re not in pain,” Puja said.

After working for plastic surgeons for almost two decades, Puja saw a need for a different approach to medical grade beauty care. She partnered with a medical director and started her center in 2012. She credits her success in launching Ageless Beauty Center to her loyal clients, medical director and family. Her husband does all the computer programming, and her daughter and son work
as receptionists.

Puja lights up with excitement when expressing her love for her business, “I just love what I do. This isn’t just a job for me — if I go away to a conference or a vacation, I miss the place. It makes me happy. I’m [also] big on research. We do five or six conferences a year, so I can keep up on the latest technology and procedures … offering an array of options, besides going through surgery, is what keeps Ageless Beauty Center’s customers loyal and happy.”

Ageless Beauty Center offers an extensive line of products to suit every person’s skin care needs, including everything from peels to microneedling. They offer a variety of fillers, Juvéderm, Kybella, Halo hybrid lasers, skin peels, hair reduction, Hydrafacial MD and an AHA Peel to name a few of their procedures. Puja invites anyone considering upgrading their skin care to come in for a free consultation without the worry of being overwhelmed.

“We have clients like school teachers come in — it’s not like 20 years ago. The average person can afford this,” said Puja. “When Botox first came out in 2002, it was very expensive, and it’s definitely gone down in price. Everyone can do this, and who doesn’t want to take care of themselves? It just makes you feel so much better. Something as little as just getting a facial can make you feel so good.”

Making people feel confident in their skin is Puja’s favorite part of the job, hands down. “I have women who will cry and be so happy. That’s the best part, to make people feel better about themselves … that’s the best kind of nursing,” Puja said. “We have fun here — believe me, when I’m not here, I miss it. I tell my children [that] I’m very blessed, because it’s not like work when you  enjoy what you do. I hope I can do this for a while, because this business is my baby.”

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