Deb Hart: A Friend of the People


Deb Hart has been a co-host in morning radio for the Lansing area since 1990, with WMMQ — a classic rock station at 94.9 FM owned by Townsquare Media — being her home for much of that time. She also hosts a weekend radio show on WJIM-AM called ‘Deb Hart’s Loving Life,’ where she talks to a vast pool of different experts on how to create the best life possible.

Though Hart has a large radio presence in the Lansing area, it’s not something that she always thought she wanted to do. “It never occurred to me to have a dream job,” said Hart. “I used to drive around as a high schooler, and I thought that radio would be easy: seemed like it’d be exciting, and it has been.”

According to Hart, she never knows what exactly is going to happen on any show. But that’s a key aspect of her work that creates an experience unlike many professional areas. She also loves how involved the public can be in her line of work. If you ask her, everything so far has been flattering, sweet and surreal.

“There’s something that I still find magical about radio,” said Hart. “People invite you to be a part of their day.”

While radio has been a kind world to her, Hart’s interests and curiosity don’t stop off-air; she
has been teaching yoga since 2001, and she has since branched out into Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY). “I’ve been going through the teaching program for around three years, and I’ll be finishing up my certification soon. It’s been very enlightening,” said Hart.

TSY is designed as complimentary to talk therapy for PTSD and other complex trauma. The goal is to create a safe space for the participant to experience their body in the present moment. Many people who have survived trauma are not present in their own bodies as a coping mechanism, so this brand of yoga aims to bring people back to themselves. The design is noncoercive — there’s no touching,


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