Dominique Devereaux: The art of life


It all started with one woman, fired up by the arts. Founded in 2015, DreamWorld Studio for the Arts (DreamWorld) is a Lansing-based nonprofit that empowers area youth to access a spectrum of firsthand performing arts experiences in the mediums of music, dance, digital and visual.

Dominique Devereaux, also known as Dominique Devereaux-Rosewood, has always envisioned DreamWorld as a place where youth, especially those from underrepresented communities, can feel safe and secure in expressing themselves, and where the next generation can cultivate that self-expression into future career and talent opportunities.

A Detroit native, Devereaux discovered her love for the arts as a young girl, when she began participating in dance classes alongside her older sister.

“I was a five-year-old in a middle school dance class just working with them, stretching and stuff like that, so she was definitely a part of the window that got me into it,” said Devereaux. “And she also sings, so, it’s like I’m following after her.”

Devereaux continued following her interests in high school, and even at Michigan State University (MSU) where she was involved with various student organizations.

Devereaux initially pictured herself as a high school history teacher after graduating from MSU. Instead, she went on to receive her master’s degree from Central Michigan University and now serves at the Michigan Senate in the office of Sen. Jim Ananich in relation to the Genesee County area.

Though she’s not within the walls of Detroit Public Schools, Devereaux is in a better position to advocate within the halls of power than most. Some organizations that she first joined in college — like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. — helped keep the foundation she’s laid for community advocacy strong and herself professionally sharp.

“Going through public administration, I didn’t realize how intertwined everything was until I was actually in his [Sen. Ananich’s] office, and you see it from the top going down, how everything strings itself together. So, getting that knowledge, especially about the situations that Flint and Genesee County are in, and just being able to help in some kind of way is pretty important,” said Devereaux.

Devereaux’s husband, Jonathan Rosewood, who she met in college, has always supported her vision. His support and the backing she’s received from others around her, have offered consistency in Devereaux’s life.

The City of Lansing has been good to Devereaux in more ways than one. According to Devereaux, not only is it a great place to raise a family, it’s a wonderful area to test new opportunities and take chances like the one she took on DreamWorld.

For now, Devereaux enjoys watching the growth of the seeds planted by herself and others moving Lansing forward. Devereaux encourages youth to stand tall in the face of obstacles, trust in the right people and not wait to bring their dreams to reality.

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Kristopher Johnson

Kristopher Johnson

Kristopher Johnson is a Communications Specialist at M3 Group who earned his bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University in 2015. While currently residing in Lansing, Kristopher will always be a native of Detroit. He enjoys volunteering, listening to others and musing over contrasting insights. He is also fond of writing, keeping up with politics and watching too many story-driven anime.

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