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Rhondell Brown Founder of Diligent Destinations Have his own business by 25; be a millionaire by 38. “I feel like it’s important to have goals,” says Rhondell Brown. The 24-year-old Michigan State University student has already completed one of his goals and has his sites set on making the second one come true. Wielding his business major background, Brown began his own transportation company in 2013. Brown founded Diligent Destinations, a transportation company; he was 22 at the time. Brown got the idea to start this business when he was at another job, working as the personal assistant for Eric Thomas, otherwise known as ET the hiphop preacher. Part of his job included driving ET to meetings. Eventually, he figured he could start doing the same for others. Brown has always had the mind of a businessman. When he was younger, he would go from lawn to lawn, making at least $20 a day. That may not sound like Bill Gates kind of money, but for a 12-year-old, he’d hit the jackpot. As the first of his family to enter a four year university and make it to the end, the Detroit native has never stopped looking for ways to better himself and his family. When Brown finally takes a break from making moves to build his career, he loves to work on cars. The Chrysler 300 that he drives for the business, he detailed himself. He is also quite the gym buff; he has made it a priority to work out four days a week and keep up a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Brown has worked to build a road to success for himself. Continuing down that road will only lead to bigger and better things for this young man.

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