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The banking industry can be a daunting and male-dominated profession, but Tri-Star Trust Bank is working toward equality. We asked a group of these women some questions about their experience in banking and some of their advice toward young women looking to get into the profession. Jane Hagen, Dawn Kenroy and JoAnn Schofield all hold positions at Tri-Star Bank and shared their experience and insight about their careers and the industry.


What about banking enticed you to enter this field for a career?

“I had been a paralegal at a law firm for approximately 15 years in the estates and trust administration department.  Three years ago I felt the need to challenge myself more, which is when I decided to make a career change by working toward becoming a trust officer, which is what I am currently achieving at Tri-Star Trust Bank. This change has allowed me to remain in the estates and trust administration area but also become involved in the banking side of administration, as well, which is exciting.”
-JoAnn Schofield, BA, AAS, paralegal, relationship assistant

What advice would you give to encourage young women to work in the banking industry?

“It is a great, stable career where you can have work-life balance while raising a family. It can be very rewarding as there are many different aspects of banking to consider, from trust/investments, mortgage lending, commercial lending, retail banking, etc. It’s all about serving the public and making a difference.”

-Jane Hagen AIF, C(k)P, QPFC, senior vice president and director of retirement plans


How have other women influenced you in your decision to enter the banking industry? 

“It was probably the level of passion I saw from other women I knew in this industry, who also seemed to have a positive impact on the lives of the clients they worked with, that influenced me the most in my decision. As well as having the ability to be in a leadership role as a woman.”
-Dawn Kenroy, vice president and relationship and trust officer


What are some of your favorite aspects of working in the banking industry?

“My favorite part of banking has certainly been getting Tri-Star started from day one! It has been by far the most challenging and rewarding part of my career. I have had some incredible mentors in my career that have allowed me to bring new ideas/systems/services to the table for review and were open to new ideas. I’ve grown so much personally and professionally through all the tough stock/bond markets, growing pains of Tri Star, etc. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Tri Star co-workers are my extended family.”
-Jane Hagen AIF, C(k)P, QPFC, senior vice president and director of retirement plans


What can one expect when working with Tri-Star Trust Bank?

“Tri-Star offers a wide range of financial offerings including financial and retirement planning, investments, charitable planning, insurance planning, trust services, corporate retirement planning and nonprofit planning. Tri-Star also works directly with local attorneys and CPAs to assist our clients in completing their estate planning and tax planning. Tri-Star makes every effort to simplify our clients’ lives based on each individual situation.”
-JoAnn Schofield, BA, AAS, paralegal, relationship assistant


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