Karen Kraft: Spiritually Driven


KarenKraftAfter four years in remission, Lansing resident Karen Kraft was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma for a second time this August.

If that weren’t enough, her daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as well.

As a single mother of two, working two jobs and dealing with the effects of cancer has been demanding on her life. Regardless, she has found ways to stick with her career as the associate director for the Disability Network and run the side business she created, Common Connections.

Kraft founded Common Connections three years ago to offer her services as both a massage therapist and Reiki master.

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and healing technique based in the belief that people possess a life force energy. A low life force energy is believed to cause unnecessary stress and even illness.

“Reiki is a slow process, but a valuable thing to do because it helps people get in touch with their spiritual self,” said Kraft.

When told a stem cell surgery was her best option to overcome her cancer, Kraft decided that she would need a while to reflect and research other options.

In the meantime, Kraft heard of an Amish healer, Solomon Wickey, who is well known for the miraculous healings he has performed. Kraft decided to meet him. She drove to Indiana with her daughters to receive five minutes of healing for her and her daughter’s illnesses.

“As far as I’m concerned, I think I’m free of cancer,” said Kraft.

Kraft said her daughter’s symptoms have disappeared since their visit, and that she has been feeling healthier, too.

“[The healer] promised within four months [the doctor] will not see [the cancer] in the CT Scan,” said Kraft.

Kraft wants nothing more in life than to be able to open a nonprofit free clinic to provide organic health care. However, she first has to seek out a support system of people that envision, and would like to participate in, the same kind of health care system as she does.

While Kraft does not belief modern medicine should be ruled out all together, she does think it should be relied on less in favor of alternative options.

“Spirituality drives me to do what I want to do,” said Kraft.

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