Lisa Whaley: Words with a Passion


Lisa Whaley/ Photo by Mark Warner

By day Lisa Whaley is a Scope Verification Engineer, but by night her form of expression comes through writing. “I find out more about my ‘true’ self when I put a pen to paper,” she said. With financial stability and a secure job as strong motivators, Whaley graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) with an engineering degree and currently works at the Michigan Department of Transportation. However, she loves the liberating feeling that writing gives her and the “mental detoxing” that she feels after getting her feelings out on paper. Whaley’s book Dream Free “speaks of sources and situations in life somehow falling into place for seemingly one purpose and the difference between living and thriving versus existing and dying.” Embedded in her heart is the image of a photograph she once received depicting a group of children reading her book. “What I’d like for the public to … know about me is how passionate I am about the message we send to ourselves,” she said. “Our voice matters if only to us.” Whaley added that her story telling is “genetically woven into the essence of who I am … I build upon that instinct to see, speak and share.”

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A senior at Michigan State University pursuing a career in communications and public relations, Danielle enjoys cooking, traveling and all Middle Eastern food.

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