Local Men: Chris Johnson

Living a Life of Balance Chris Johnson CEO and Founder of On Target Living Chris Johnson of Haslett is a health and nutrition expert with 30 years of experience. His philosophy and new book, On Target Living: Your Guide to a Life of Balance, Energy and Vitality, focuses on finding a balance between fitness and life. If you work hard, you need equal rest to recover. He’s a big advocate of finding a reason to work out, stay healthy and build sustainable habits when it comes to health. When asked about why he stays in Michigan when he has worked all over, he explains that Michigan is his home and a beautiful place to live. Plus he added, “Michigan is in trouble, being No. 4 in the nation for obesity. Why leave Michigan when it needs so much help?” In addition to staying healthy, his new book also covers overmedication in society, and how people can work to improve on using fewer medications. He really enjoys being a mentor by giving back and educating his trainers. “I’ve had some really great mentors and I try to be a great mentor to others.” In addition to his work with On Target Living, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife of 30 years, Paula, his children Matt and Kristen and their dog Dolly.

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