Local Women: Ann Orel


Occupation: Senior Administrative Assistant, Farm Bureau Insurance Residence: Westphalia Family: Husband, Bob; daughters, Kari, Lisa, Emily; and seven grandchildren Hobbies: Hunting, reading, spending time with family and friends and visiting her cottage on Houghton Lake On Nov. 20, 2011 Ann Orel was hunting on a friend’s property in Clinton County. The morning was uneventful and she decided to head home. Along the way, she managed to shoot an enormous buck with her .20 gauge shotgun; earning her the honor of shooting the biggest deer in the Women’s Firearm Typical category. It was a 10 point buck and an impressive hunt regardless of gender or category. Q: Please tell us about your exciting experience of shooting the buck. A: I spent the morning in our tree stand and only managed to see a few small doe pass by. A little before noon I decided to call it a day. Instead of taking the usual trail home, I walked through the outskirts of the woods and came across a huge rack moving in some tall grass. The buck was bedded down and showed no signs of leaving. I waited for nearly two and a half hours — leaning against a tree as motionless as possible. Other deer passed, but I was holding out for the 10-pointer. Once it finally stood up, I aimed and fired. I called my husband and he came to help me tag it. Q: Why do you enjoy hunting? A: My husband got me into it 11 years ago and I have loved hunting ever since. I really like the peace and quiet of being out in the stand at 6:30 am; listening to the birds and getting to watch the woods come to life in the morning. Q: Are you setting your sights on getting a bigger one this year? A: (laughs) That’d be great, but I’ve been told the chances of finding a deer like that again aren’t the greatest. I would just be fine with getting myself another buck. Last year was no doubt a hunt of a lifetime. Everything was in my favor that day.

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