Local Women: Ann Weber


Enjoying the Small Things Marketing and Web Advisor, O’Donnell’s “on the spot” Repair Ann Weber earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Chemical Engineering. She spent her time in school researching the conversion of sugar into high-valued chemicals traditionally made from petroleum. She continued her study of composite materials under Dr. Richard Wool at the University of Delaware. There she spent two years earning her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. During this time, Weber found her passion for teaching and achieved teacher certification from Michigan State University. Weber now works as the Marketing and Web Advisor at her father’s company, O’Donnell’s “on the spot” Repair. Weber loves to work with children and, in the fall, tried her hand at coaching her daughter’s soccer team. It was a great experience to see those smiling five-year-olds running around the soccer field. At home, she gets out her Ukulele that her husband, Cory, gave her and practices Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. She shares her love of music with her kids Marin, Callum and Feidelm. Weber loves her family but relaxation is hard to come by in a house with three kids. She loves the small things like snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket, nursing the baby and reading books to Marin and Callum.

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