Local Women: Brenda March


Brenda March believes whole-heartedly in the wheel of opportunity. Re-inventing lives — including her own — is her passion. Along with her role at Career Quest, right now she’s focusing on starting two businesses: SkiStar which is a line of downhill skiing equipment and Star Events, an event planning business. Q: Tell me about your work with Career Quest. A: I have the opportunity to help hardworking individuals take the first steps toward starting a new career. We give people opportunities who sometimes don’t always have them. We have anywhere between three-week and 11-month programs that are very intense. We’re really focused on the student. We have business, medical and health information technology programs (HIT). With my hospital and IT background, it’s why I focused on wanting to work at Career Quest — it gives me the opportunity to take my knowledge and give it to someone who never thought about those together. The hot ticket right now is HIT. Q: What keeps you motivated on a daily basis? A: It’s helping people see the star inside them and create their own vision. We go through a whole vision plan with our students, and it helps them create it. And it’s always up to the individual. I love helping people create that vision, which is also what I do with my son every day. He’s on the golf team at Holt, and you have to have a vision every time you hit the ball. Every time you take a step, you have to envision where you’re going. I think that’s why my life theme is reinventing. Q: How else are you involved in the community? A: I work with Habitat for Humanity in Lansing. We just had our 25th anniversary for Habitat at Troppo, which was a huge success. Any other events or public fundraising that happen, I’m a part of. We organize, talk with business owners about locations, make financial decisions and design the actual initiations — everything from implementation to successfully making it happen. Q: With starting your own business, any advice for women looking to do the same? A: The most important thing is never giving up. Also, work with community resources such as Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which is free networking. It’s about bringing any resources that you can because they’re geared toward helping you. Being involved in entrepreneurial events is also important. Having a positive attitude helps, too, and looking to reach beyond the stars.

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