Local Women: Dana Rapier

New Year, New Connections Building relationships is what Dana Rapier is all about. Whether it’s building community interactions at the YMCA (Y), strengthening family bonds or improving financial services at Jackson National Life Insurance Company, Rapier dedicates herself to developing positive connections. “The relationships and connections that I’ve built are my favorite parts about teaching classes at the Y,” said Rapier. “I’ve been teaching classes for about 12 years and some of the people have stayed with me the whole time. There are so many people I love to see in the morning and being able to help them with their health levels.” Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, Rapier wakes up early to teach her 5:45 a.m. weight lifting class. “I love mornings at the Y, I love the people and exercising off stress gets me through the day … Doing classes in the morning is the best thing I have ever done. It has really helped me on my path in terms of physical exercise and nutrition. Maybe it began with one New Year’s resolution, but once I started I kept progressing and loved it more each day.” Rapier donates the money she makes from the classes she teaches back to the Y with pleasure to continue improving the facility and its classes. She is also on the Metro Board for the Y. “I participate in spinning classes on the days that I don’t teach. It’s a great stress reliever for my job as well. I get done working out and I’m off to work full of energy,” says Rapier. “Jackson National Life is an exciting company to work for and I’m always moving at a rapid pace facing new challenges. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time, but staying in shape definitely keeps me going.” As assistant vice president at Jackson National Life, Rapier works with four different groups of people. She coordinates with business engineers to come up with optimal solutions for business processes. Another group is focused on setting customer service standards of quality and service at call centers. She also works with a group of technical trainers and ensures that all employees are familiar with administration systems and products. Finally, she organizes a development team that creates employee opinion surveys, management curriculum and makes sure that Jackson National Life is performing at a certain level relative to their processes overall. “I’ve been lucky to grow with the business over the years and contribute all that I have to Jackson National Life. I hope to continue making it the best company it can be,” Rapier said. “Whether it’s your job or fitness related, you can’t view it as just hard work. You have to find the fun in it, stay with it and make social connections. That’s where you find benefits and get positive results.” Rapier has a theme for every New Year’s resolution. In the past it has been family related. “My family is super important and over the past years we have had resolutions to plan family reunion vacations. We have gotten together in Petoskey, Mich. and the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tenn. It has sort of become a tradition, so I have to come up with a new resolution theme. I purchased a road bike and hope to take long trips this summer and those to follow. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Italy where my father’s relatives are from.”

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