Local Women: Dawn-Marie Joseph

Dawn-Marie Joseph is a commerce-extraordinaire. She operates multiple businesses and is a prominent member on numerous community boards, but still finds the time to be a mother. Make a reservation at her restaurant or just see what the place is about at www.graciesplacewilliamston.com or call (517) 665-1100. Q: YOU ARE QUITE THE ENTREPRENEUR; TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSES. A: My husband and I opened Gracie’s Place in April of 2008 as a coffee shop offering lunches and sweets. It’s named after our first granddaughter. Since then, it has grown into a fine-dining restaurant and our son Ben runs the place now. At Gracie’s, meals are created from scratch using fresh ingredients and offers cooking classes, live music, catering and other fun events. In 2010, we opened Vivee’s Floral Garden and Café, named after our second granddaughter. The previous business at its location was a flower shop and it was closing. We didn’t want to see it go, so we purchased the building, made renovations, and also added a café stocked with coffee and locally made sweets. In 2001, I opened Estate Planning & Preservation. Our goal is to improve quality of life for our senior citizens and make sure people don’t outlive their finances. I also own and operate Joseph and Joseph Tax and Payroll with my husband. We serve both individuals and businesses. Q: WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO BE SO INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY? A: I like to see progress, things moving forward and people getting jobs. We have 37 employees at Gracie’s Place, fives here at Estate Planning & Preservation, and so on. It’s cool to give people jobs and see commerce. I like growth. Q: HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH RUNNING MULTIPLE BUSINESSES? A: All of the people who work for me. They are great people and I owe much of my success to them. The same goes for everyone from Williamston. There is a strong sense of working together for the common goal of improving the city.

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