Local Women: Denise Keiser


Occupation: Executive Director, Center for Financial Health Family: Father, Dwayne Keiser; mother, Colleen Keiser; brother, Scott Hobbies: Drawing, writing and boxing Residence: Lansing Denise Keiser was born in Hillsdale, Mich., but spent 20 years of her life in California. After graduating from California State University – San Marcos, she immersed herself in the fields of real estate and finance — owning two businesses in the San Diego area. When faced with the opportunity to come to her home state and help Michiganders who have been affected by the housing market crash, she jumped at the chance. Q: Tell us about Center for Financial Health. A: Our goal is to help individuals and families attain assets through home ownership by providing financial training and support — all in an effort to help them build brighter futures. Our philosophy is about being team driven with everything we do. We try to integrate as many people as possible: our staff, interns, Americorps and the community. Together we can make an impact, rather than just facing the problem alone. Q: What services do you provide? A: We provide financial education and one-on-one counseling. These meetings focus on house ownership, building assets through incentivized investment programs, debt reduction, improving spending patterns and credit management. Through these services, housing becomes more affordable and everyone can realize their dream of homeownership. Q: What motivates you to help those with struggling finances? A: The high cost housing market plays a big role. I’ve spent most of my life in San Diego and only 5 percent of people there can afford to buy a home. People making poor financial decisions and lenders turning them down is a huge problem. The issue is present throughout the country. People need guidance and education in order to make more informed financial decisions — that’s where we come in.

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