Local Women: Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler


Dr. Holly Scott-Hetchler is a Lansing-born dentist and mother. She enjoys working hard at her dental office and hanging out with her kids. She’s a die-hard Michigan State University (MSU) fan and regularly has season tickets. In her downtime she likes to take her family up to their cabin to just get away from it all. Q: HOW DID YOU GET INTO DENTISTRY? A: I always thought that dentistry was interesting, and when I took a dental class in high school (it) kind of cemented that for me. I worked as a dental assistant in high school and worked as a dental hygienist after that. I started at LCC with an associate’s degree, but finished up at MSU. Now I own my own dental office and do some dental charity work. I work at the Care Free Dental Clinic once a month and I like to do the “Give a Kid a Smile” program through LCC. Q: TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW LOCATION. A: We bought a new office in May, when my husband and I realized that it would be more cost efficient. We moved in last October with all new equipment and are nearly paperless now. I’m really happy with my new office. Q: WHAT DO YOU DO FOR THE GIRL SCOUTS? A: I’m a troop leader for a group of Brownies, so I organize all 19 Kindergartners to first graders. I like what the Girl Scouts are doing nowadays. They’re trying to teach girls leadership at a young age and showing them they can do anything.

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