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Emily Horvath, associate professor at Cooley Law School in Lansing loves the students she gets to work with on a daily basis. This is especially true with the legal fraternity Delta Theta Phi for which she serves as faculty advisor. With a passion for law, she admires the notion of lawyers instructing other lawyers. Q: How did yo u become interested in teaching? A: I was in private practice for six years, and in my sixth year I started teaching as an adjunct. I realized at that moment teaching was what I really wanted to do. It truly felt like a calling. A position opened up in this department in 2005, and I’ve liked the challenge. Q: What do yo u like best about being a professor? A: I like the challenge of finding the disconnect where a student isn’t understanding something. My challenge is to figure out where that disconnect is and why they’re not understanding it. I find that it’s a puzzle, and I love seeing the light bulb eventually go off with the students. I love having a hand in shaping my profession and making sure we’re creating solid, ethical, intelligent attorneys. That to me is important. The thing about law as a profession is very few of us are taught by actual trained teacher — we’re taught by lawyers who can teach. It’s a more traditional apprentice style where lawyers are taught by other lawyers. To me, coming from a practicing attorney background and being able to share stories is nice — I’m very passionate about the law itself. It’s really an honor to be one of those who teaches, but we’re all teachers in a way. Being able to do it full-time, though, is a real privilege. I enjoy it immensely. Q: Tell me about being the faculty advi sor for Delta Theta Phi (DTP). A: We’re the only legal fraternity to have a recognized legal journal which lawyers can cite to, so that’s pretty prestigious. Consistently, I feel the students in DTP are always the best and the brightest. They’re always the student body presidents and the ambassadors for Cooley. They’re always great in class, and I love them. I think they’re a great group of people. And good people attract other good people, so they tend to bring people in who think the same way about the world. That’s pretty cool.

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