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Drawing on Walls and Facing Fears When she was only a child, Erin Moody could be found creating works of art by drawing on the walls and spray painting the garage door with her father’s spray paint. Now, Moody can be found with that same imaginative spirit; painting, photographing and designing unique tie-dye tote bags. “I started creating my tote bags a little over a year ago,” said Moody. “I was trying to find a way to give gifts that were handy, inexpensive and environmentally friends that people could get a lot of use out of. I gave them to family and friends and they loved them, so I started making more.” Moody’s distinctive, original bags are on display at Haze Art Gallery and will be there as long as people are showing interest. “I have rheumatoid arthritis so it is hard to have a full-time job. It’s nice to be able to contribute some income by selling these tote bags and being able to stay home and healthy for my daughter.” Haze Art Gallery in Old Town Lansing is not the only place you can find Moody’s work, you can also check out her art at www.GLBcreations.com which is her online Etsy.com showcase. Her photography work can also be viewed on the website. “My photography is really personal and I’m afraid of people rejecting it. My dream is to be a successful creative photographer and have people appreciate my work,” says Moody. “It’s easy to say, and I need to follow my own advice, but you really need to take that risk, show people your work, someone out there will see things the way that you do.” Moody grew up in a small town near Torch Lake. Her work is inspired by the bright blues, glowing autumn colors and her many walks through the woods. “I remember my high school art teacher, Ray Villafane once saying to us, ‘Nothing you do is wrong, it’s all how you see it, create what you see and let it influence your work and your life.’” This New Year, Moody will continue to challenge herself and expand her art work. “I want to come up with different designs, right now my tote bags have a hippie theme and I want to expand and get a different following so more people can use the bags,” says Moody. “Old Town in general gives Lansing artists a great platform to share their creativity and people of all ages can come in and get inspirations. I think if people love creating they should just do it, whether they make a living or not, it is great to see people being creative.” Her tote bags are 100-percent customizable, you can pick any color and pattern combination and chose personal messages. “With any type of art creation, I love seeing it unfold. Like when you unfold a bag from the dye, it is neat seeing what it comes out as and it’s always a nice surprise.” “I couldn’t have done all of this without the support of my husband and family. They have been a big reason for my success, because they have always supported me. They have helped me pursue my dreams and make it possible for me to balance the important things in my life.”

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