Local Women: Heather Schmidt


“It all started with my grandma, making Christmas cookies,” said Heather Schmidt of Confectionately Yours Bakery.

Founded in 2012, Confectionately Yours Bakery is home to a multitude of sweet aromas, baked treats and love in every bite. From dessert bars and gift baskets to wedding cakes, cake pops, apple pie slabs, cinnamon rolls and more, this bakery has all of Lansing’s baking needs covered. What keeps Confectionately Yours unique, however, is the attention to detail — each order is specially made and customized to the customer’s unique needs.

Taste is, of course, an important factor, and if it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t go out. Products that look pretty come easily to Confectionately Yours Bakery, but taste is as equally important to staying ahead of its competitors. Schmidt has been able to share her passion for entrepreneurship with her children.

“I wanted to show them you work hard and do what you love and always have passion,” said Schmidt. “You may not get rich, but you’ll have a good quality of life.”

Being a mom and a business woman, life can get a little hectic. Thankfully, Schmidt has a great support group consisting of her husband and kids, parents and friends. “My husband and I are a great team.” Schmidt said. “And I have an old-fashioned day planner! I have to write everything down or else I’ll forget.”

Future goals for her bakery include opening a coffee shop for customers to sit down and enjoy her sweets, creating a more enjoyable time. Schmidt loves the customer service aspect of her job, and she hopes to offer even more of that personal touch with a possible coffee shop. It’s a next step, and Schmidt is ready for the challenge.

“Don’t let doubts creep in. Do something you’re passionate about — there’s always a way to do it,” said Schmidt. “Keep working, keep searching and keep dreaming. Always.”

Schmidt is no stranger to creating deliciousness. In addition to a love for her grandma’s cookies, she worked in bakeries across Michigan and Rhode Island for 18 years before opening her own kitchen-based practice. She also baked for friends and family and, eventually, her talents motivated her to move her business ideas forward. She operates the boutique bakery from the licensed kitchen within her Dansville home, catering for weddings and parties all over Lansing to spread the cheer of the occasion through yummy treats.

But the main reasons Schmidt began her bakery is because she wanted to have a further sense of purpose in working with her hands, as well as to contribute more income to her family. With experience as a stay-at-home mom, she also wanted to develop something more and for herself. Her experiences across the U.S. better informed her decision to take life in a special direction, perfectly for her.

For those aspiring to live their dreams, the last thing you want to do is to wait for the perfect time, according to Schmidt. She feels we need more female role models and business owners to show young girls what they can become if they have the work ethic and put in the time and energy.

“I say: do it.” Schmidt said, referring to bringing your passions to life. “Do your homework and know what you’re getting into … it is doable, and it is worth it.”

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