Local Women: Jennifer “Soul Spoken” Carr


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Jennifer “SoulSpoken” Carr, author of Inside Her Soul, has found healing and self-empowerment through writing and poetry, which she began as a young girl. Carr has made it her life mission to share her story and empower women across the globe to embrace their internal and external beauty. Carr said, “Inside Her Soul captivates a poetic story of a woman who struggles with her identity and how she finds her place of beauty, freedom and wholeness. I share a lot of my story in this poetic work and how I overcame the struggle of insecurity, low self-esteem, emotional and mental abuse and promiscuity.” Her interest in writing first came from her love for words and need to be creative. Now, Carr finds joy in serving as not only an author, but also as a poet, speaker and radio personality. She frequently travels across the state attending and speaking at events to empower women. Originally from Detroit, Carr attended Bowling Green State University and now resides in Lansing, Mich. Although her struggle to embrace and love herself hasn’t been easy, Carr has found inner peace through her long-time passion. She said, “I have stepped into that confident woman that I always knew I could be but so afraid to show it because of the rejection I experienced in my past. I am no longer soft spoken. I am soul spoken! I am fierce, fabulous and fearless!” Carr can be contacted via email at soulspokenexpressions@gmail.com or by phone at (313) 288-2411.

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