Local Women: Joan Spagnuolo


Joan Spagnuolo / Photo By Mark Warner

Life can change in the blink of an eye. Joan Spagnuolo, a local Keller Williams realtor and DeWitt native, knows the impact of giving and receiving when life suddenly changes. After complications from a standard LASIK eye surgery left her with glaucoma and a blinding cataract in her right eye, Spagnuolo became apprehensive about any doctor’s care, and the problem remained untouched for nine years. As the years passed, vision in her right eye faded. When Spagnuolo found herself in the midst of a car accident due to problems with her eyesight, she realized it was time to make a change. She applied for a grant from Keller Williams’ international nonprofit organization, KW Cares. KW Cares works with employees and their family members who have encountered a hardship that requires outside assistance. Three days after submitting her application, Spagnuolo was approved for a grant in the full amount needed for the procedure. “Keller Williams didn’t even bat an eye. They just stepped right up (to help),” Spagnuolo said. The surgery in July completely restored her vision. She now serves as a committee member for East Lansing’s local chapter of KW Cares, “We are being blessed every day … (we) have to give back.” Spagnuolo oversees many of the fundraising events for the nonprofit in the Lansing community — collecting more than $10,000 to date.

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